215,000 visitors to The Immortal Alexander the Great at Hermitage Amsterdam

In the course of the exhibition The Immortal Alexander the Great: The myth, the reality, his journey, his legacy, the Hermitage Amsterdam received 215,000 visitors and guests. Some 7,000 schoolchildren took part in an educational programme for primary schools at the Hermitage for Children. There was also great interest from secondary schools, with more than 4,000 students visiting, most of them from pre-university (atheneum and gymnasium) programmes. The many related activities and events, including talks, workshops, concerts, and theatrical performances, consistently drew large audiences.

The exhibition on the great Greek-Macedonian hero ran from 18 September 2010 to 18 March 2011. For six months, a broad public had the opportunity to discover Alexander the Great, his world, his adventures, and his legacy. The huge turnout was a fitting tribute to this 'immortal' hero.

On Saturday 19 March, the major exhibition Splendour and Glory: Art of the Russian Orthodox Church opened to the public at the Hermitage Amsterdam. With more than 300 works of religious art, it is the first survey in the Netherlands of the age-old mystical and artistic traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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