The exhibition Flemish Painters from the Hermitage in the Hermitage Amsterdam to be extended for a further three months. Impressionists brought forward

The current exhibition featuring the great Flemish painters Rubens, Van Dyck & Jordaens is to be extended for three months, until 15 June 2012. This show, which has been acclaimed by press and public alike, displays a magnificent overview of 75 paintings and some 20 drawings, including numerous masterpieces by the three great artists of the Antwerp School of painting.

The Impressionists (working title) − including works such as Woman in the garden by Claude Monet – opens to the public in the Herenvleugel of the museum on 16 June, and will be on view for over six months, until 13 January. From 29 September 2012 onwards, the Hermitage Amsterdam will be hosting the Van Gogh Museum with a show of Van Gogh’s finest masterpieces in the Keizersvleugel. From that point onwards, the two exhibition wings will be open at the same time, giving visitors a unique opportunity to feast their eyes on the sunny, colourful paintings produced by the beloved French painters of the latter half of the nineteenth century. Never before has the celebrated Van Gogh collection been displayed under the same roof as so many paintings by at least equally famous French contemporaries such as Monet, Renoir, and Pissarro, from the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.

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