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Education Programme for Secondary Schools

The study centre provides a programme of educational activities for children in secondary education.

The themes of the exhibitions at the Hermitage Amsterdam reveal various aspects of European cultural history, which is identified as an area needing more attention in secondary schools. This is in line with the wish to pay more attention to this field in secondary education. schools tend to place too little emphasis on Dutch and European history at present and HA hopes to address this not only through its choid of exhibitions but also through the lessons and activities available at the study centre.

The Hermitage Amsterdam will develop teaching modules for the different levels of secondary education (throughout the Netherlands) which will cover general subjects and aspects of specific exhibitions which may be followed both in class and individually. The in-class programmes are short (45 minutes) or long (2 hours). The modules vary per exhibition. The lessons will be given in the study centre itself. Bookings for classes may be made through the Hermitage Amsterdam’s reservations line


Short module

After entering, the pupils take their place on the tiered seats facing the large screen. An introduction is then given by a guide/teacher of the Hermitage Amsterdam, followed by a film with general information. After the film there are short assignments to do with the exhibition. These are carried out using the computers in the study centre. Finally, there is a visit to the exhibition itself.

Long module

This also begins with an introduction by a guide/teacher of the Hermitage Amsterdam and a film. But in this case the film is immediately followed by a visit to the exhibition. Afterwards the pupils come back to the study centre and set to work on a special computer lesson, with two sharing one computer. The session ends with a presentation of the tasks and results, for which they return to the tiered seating.

Individual : Cultural education visit

Secondary pupils can also visit the study centre individually to carry out assignments, to do research or for special projects. This facility is available after 1 pm. The staff at the study centre will provide them with tools for the assignments or research.

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Opening hours

Daily 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Closed on 27 April (Kingsday)
Open on Christmas Day (25-12) &
1 January 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.

The Hermitage Amsterdam is located on Amstel 51, Amsterdam

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