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The Hermitage Amsterdam seeks to inspire, enrich and offer reflection with art and history. Through the ties we had carefully built with the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, we had access to one of the world's most famous art collections, from which we could draw on for our exhibitions. For a long time the Hermitage Amsterdam distanced itself from political developments in Putin's Russia. After all, politics focuses on the reality of daily life, while our focus is on art treasures and movements that span centuries.

Russia's attack on Ukraine made keeping this distance no longer tenable. Management and our Board of Directors therefore decided to cut ties with the State Hermitage Museum on Thursday 3 March 2022. The museum on the Amstel is now considering its long-term future.

The Hermitage building is open and houses other museum collections; the Amsterdam Museum and Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art. There is also space for smaller exhibitions such as the annual winner of the ABN AMRO Art Prize. We take pride in doing business in a sustainable manner, sharing facilities and working together and – supported by the business community and private individuals – financing our activities with our own resources. We see talent development as an essential task. With the Hermitage for Children we continuously offer art education through which every child can discover their artistic talent.

Hermitage Amsterdam

The Hermitage Amsterdam is managed by the Dutch foundation: Stichting Hermitage aan de Amstel. Stichting Hermitage aan de Amstel commissions the productions foundations at De Nieuwe Kerk and the Hermitage Amsterdam to organise the exhibitions at their respective locations. The Hermitage Amsterdam is an independent and autonomous legal entity with its own streams of income and its own objectives. 

Stichting Producties De Nieuwe Kerk and Hermitage Amsterdam

Stichting Producties De Nieuwe Kerk and Hermitage Amsterdam put on exhibitions in De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam and in the Hermitage Amsterdam which are commissioned by both institutions. They have each earned their own place within the world of national and international museums.

Stichting Producties De Nieuwe Kerk and Hermitage Amsterdam have 50 members of staff, divided across three departments. We also have a pool of around 100 agency workers who staff the ticket desks, cloakrooms, and shops.

Sustainable museum

The Hermitage Amsterdam is open again!

We present: Bruegel's Tower of Babel