Rembrandt, Young Woman with Earrings, 1656 © State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
Until 27 May 2018

Dutch Masters from the Hermitage

Treasures of the Tsars
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Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age
Look at us! Dutch society in 30 group portraits
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Outsider Art Museum
Intriguing, unpolished art by people with extraordinary backgrounds
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Outsider Art Gallery
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Panorama Amsterdam
© State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
From June 2018
Classic Beauties
A grand tour along the finest examples of neoclassical art from the Hermitage

Classic Beauties

The human body has fascinated artists throughout the centuries. In the mid-eighteenth century this topic in art was given a new lease of life due to spectacular archaeological discoveries in Italy. Artists like Canova, Thorvaldsen, Mengs, Kauffmann and Batoni pursued ultimate perfection, surpassing even the (aesthetic) ideals of the Greeks and Romans. Many artists and high-ranking young men set off for Italy to see the sources of inspiration for themselves. In this exhibition, the visitor takes a Grand Tour of the finest examples of Neoclassical art from the Hermitage.

The exhibition Classic Beauties will offer a delightful journey through European Neoclassicism, including the unrivalled Canova collection with The Three Graces. On show from 16 June 2018 to 13 January 2019. 

© State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
ABN AMRO Art Award 2017
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