3 Ivan Kramskoy Portrait of Tsarina Maria Fyodorovna (wife of Tsar Alexander III) wearing a tiara, necklace and brooch of brilliant-cut diamonds, 1881


14 September 2019
— 27 September 2020
The Glitter of the Russian Court
One of the Hermitage’s greatest treasures is the fabulous jewellery collection. Hundreds of them superbly sparkle in Jewels!. Together with many portraits and a profusion of richly decorated gowns and ensembles once worn by the highest echelons at the Russian court in St Petersburg, they represent two centuries in fashion and jewels. Meet the country’s flamboyant empresses – Anna, Elizabeth and Catherine the Great – as well as grand dukes and duchesses, tsarinas and noble fashionistas of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. For balls and parties they wore dazzling costumes, set off by bijoux carefully selected to demonstrate identity, taste, breeding and wealth. Jewellery might also be designed to provoke or convey secret messages. Pieces were ordered from leading houses like Cartier and Fabergé. Many pieces were lost following the Russian Revolution. Jewels! presents a glittering array of surviving masterpieces, situated in ballrooms and boudoirs like those of the tsars’ Winter Palace.
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Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century
Look at us! Dutch society in 30 group portraits
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Outsider Art Museum
Intriguing, unpolished art by people with extraordinary backgrounds
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Outsider Art Gallery
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Panorama Amsterdam

Panorama Amsterdam

' ... an incentive to explore that city (Amsterdam) yourself' 

NRC, 7 september 2017

As from 25 August this year, the Hermitage Amsterdam will have a new attraction for visitors: Panorama Amsterdam. City Time Lapse. This panoramic show lets visitors experience how Amsterdam, the city by the Amstel river, was founded in in the early Middle Ages and how it developed from that time until the present. Everything is shown from the perspective of the current location of the Hermitage building. 

This attraction presents the rich history of Amsterdam in a unique way. Using the latest projection technology, it chronicles the emergence of the city, as seen from the vantage point of the Hermitage. We learn how Amsterdam was built in a swamp on thousands of foundation piles. The heydays of the Golden Age are revisited in detail, including the construction of the canal ring, trade, and life in the city. The Dutch capital has been visited by such luminaries as Peter the Great, Napoleon, Churchill, the Beatles, and Nelson Mandela. Painters like Jacob van Ruisdael, Rembrandt, and Piet Mondrian were inspired along the banks of the Amstel. Not only is the water a stage for important visitors but it is also a venue for celebration. Take, for example, the welcome home ceremony for the Dutch national football team in 1998, after they won the UEFA Euro final, the annual gay pride Canal Parade, King’s Day celebrations, and the Liberation Day concert. The residents of and visitors to the Hermitage have been able to witness all of these events and more since as far back as 1683. 

You can visit Panorama Amsterdam with a Hermitage all-in ticket, or a ticket for the Amsterdam Wing. 

Panorama Amsterdam. City Time Lapse has been made possible by a generous contribution from BankGiro Loterij and was created by way of a partnership between Hermitage Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Museum, and the Amsterdam City Archives.


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