3 Ivan Kramskoy Portrait of Tsarina Maria Fyodorovna (wife of Tsar Alexander III) wearing a tiara, necklace and brooch of brilliant-cut diamonds, 1881


14 September 2019
— 27 September 2020
The Glitter of the Russian Court
One of the Hermitage’s greatest treasures is the fabulous jewellery collection. Hundreds of them superbly sparkle in Jewels!. Together with many portraits and a profusion of richly decorated gowns and ensembles once worn by the highest echelons at the Russian court in St Petersburg, they represent two centuries in fashion and jewels. Meet the country’s flamboyant empresses – Anna, Elizabeth and Catherine the Great – as well as grand dukes and duchesses, tsarinas and noble fashionistas of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. For balls and parties they wore dazzling costumes, set off by bijoux carefully selected to demonstrate identity, taste, breeding and wealth. Jewellery might also be designed to provoke or convey secret messages. Pieces were ordered from leading houses like Cartier and Fabergé. Many pieces were lost following the Russian Revolution. Jewels! presents a glittering array of surviving masterpieces, situated in ballrooms and boudoirs like those of the tsars’ Winter Palace.
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Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century
Look at us! Dutch society in 30 group portraits

Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century

Thirty colossal, 17th century group portraits from the Amsterdam Museum and the Rijksmuseum collections have been brought together for the first time ever in the Hermitage Amsterdam. These are the ‘brothers and sisters’ of the famous ‘Night Watch’ by Rembrandt van Rijn. They are unique all over the world and are rarely exposed due to their impressive size. Look at regents, civic guards and merchants of all ranks, social classes and religions, standing together as brothers. Rembrandt’s ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Deijman’ and portraits of civic guards including Govert Flinck and Nicolaes Pickenoy are but a few examples of the works of art that are on display in the Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century. Together they illustrate the story of collective citizenship that is so typical of the Netherlands. It’s as if they are holding up a mirror to contemporary Dutch society. Because the relationships between the people of the time formed the basis of the standards and conventions of today.

The audio tour to accompany the exhibition is included in the ticket price and is available in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. 


Curated by Jörgen Tjon a Fong (Urban Myth), this presentation complements the Amsterdam Museum’s permanent exhibition at Hermitage Amsterdam, ‘Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century’ (formerly known as ‘Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age’).

In DUTCH MASTERS REVISITED, prominent Dutch people of colour, including footballer Ruud Gullit, rapper Typhoon, comedian/presenter Jörgen Raymann, singer Berget Lewis, politician Sylvana Simons and hospitality tycoon Won Yip, will be taking on the role of historical Dutch citizens of colour. Photographers Humberto Tan, Ahmet Polat, Stacii Samidin and Milette Raats portrayed their well-known sitters in the style of Rembrandt and his contemporaries, against the backdrop of special locations like the Rijksmuseum, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Museum van Loon, Hortus Botanicus and the Amsterdam Museum’s own building.

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Outsider Art Museum
Intriguing, unpolished art by people with extraordinary backgrounds
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Outsider Art Gallery
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Panorama Amsterdam


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Tsars & Knights