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5 June
— 9 January 2022
Tsars and Knights
The Romanovs' love affair with the Middle ages
Czars and knights, ladies, courtly love and tournaments. And a splendid medieval art collection. The perfect ingredients of this unique exhibition, from the Hermitage collection. We bring more than 250 objects to the Netherlands. Experience the Middle Ages through the eyes of the Russian Tsars! On this page you can find stories from this exhibition and images from the extraordinary collection.
Now on display
Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century
Dutch 17th century society in 30 group portraits. NEW: intervention by Natasja Kensmil: 'Monuments of Regentesses'.
Now on display
Democracy & For the Love of Art
Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art: Intriguing, unpolished art by people with extraordinary backgrounds.
Now on display
Outsider Art Gallery


Coming soon
Russian Avant-Garde - Revolution in the Arts
On view from 29 January 2022.

Russian Avant-Garde - Revolution in the Arts

In 2022, as a sequel to 1917. Romanov & Revolution, the End of Monarchy (2017) the Hermitage Amsterdam will present the long-awaited exhibition Russian Avant-Garde - Revolution in the Arts. This exhibition tells an intriguing story of Russian avant-garde art, from the final years of Imperial Russia, through the turbulent times surrounding the Revolution of 1917, to its end in the Stalin era.

Wassily Kandinsky, Landscape, 1913. © State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg.

The Russian avant-gardes, which most famously included artists Kazimir Malevich and Wassily Kandinsky, became known for their radical innovations in painting. But they also devoted themselves to the design of interiors and theatre sets, utensils and books. By far the most surprising medium for the new artistic imagery was porcelain: the material traditionally preferred by the tsars. It was readily available and completely white, reasons that led many artists to work with it. So much of it has been preserved that porcelain can tell the entire story of the Russian avant-garde like no other material. About five hundred works on canvas, paper, textiles and especially porcelain, will display the avant-gardes’ imagination, that of their predecessors and their followers. They demonstrate a revolution in the arts. 

This exhibition is on view from 29 January 2022.

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