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5 June
— 1 January 2022
Tsars and Knights
The Romanovs' love affair with the Middle ages
Czars and knights, ladies, courtly love and tournaments. And a splendid medieval art collection. The perfect ingredients of this unique exhibition, from the Hermitage collection. We bring more than 250 objects to the Netherlands. Experience the Middle Ages through the eyes of the Russian Tsars! On this page you can find stories from this exhibition and images from the extraordinary collection.
Now on display
Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century
Dutch 17th century society in 30 group portraits. NEW: intervention by Natasja Kensmil: 'Monuments of Regentesses'.
Opening soon
Sensing Streams - Holland Festival
Accessible with a ticket for the exhibition Tsars & Knights or a Hermitage all-in ticket.

Sensing Streams - Holland Festival

** Sensing Streams is accessible with a ticket for the exhibition Tsars & Knights or a Hermitage all-in ticket. Click here for tickets and prices. No separate tickets are sold for this installation. **

From Wednesday 9 June to Sunday 27 June, the installation Sensing Streams by composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and media artist Daito Manabe can be seen in the Hermitage. The installation is part of the Holland Festival program. In Sensing Streams, the composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, together with the media artist Daito Manabe, render electromagnetic waves visible and audible. Antennas located in the church hall of the Hermitage will pick up these waves, receiving mobile phone, Wi-Fi, digital television and radio signals in real-time. A computer then turns these into a live digital audio-visual work of art that will be shown on a large screen and played through multiple speakers. With hypnotic, constantly changing digital sounds and visuals, Sakamoto and Manabe show us an invisible but essential infrastructure that is one of the many human footprints on this planet.

Now on display
For the Love of Art - Chicago Calling
Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art: Intriguing, unpolished art by people with extraordinary backgrounds.
Now on display
Exhibition winner ABN AMRO Art Prize
Evelyn Taocheng Wang is the ninth winner of the ABN AMRO Art Prize.
Now on display
Outsider Art Gallery
Now on display
Panorama Amsterdam



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