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If you would like to donate right away, click here (in Dutch) or scan the QR-code below. Or donate to this IBAN bank account number NL 22 INGB 0007484047, account name Stichting Hermitage aan de Amstel. Click on this link to go directly to the payment screen.

Taking advantage of the special offer for € 2,500?
Then please let us know via so we can send you the payment confirmation and information about the tax deduction options (Dutch law on donations Geefwet). For more information you can also contact us on 020-5308758, on workdays between 10:00 -17:00.


The Hermitage Amsterdam museum has been greatly affected by the corona crisis. For 16 years we have always been open for you, our visitors and friends. We managed to do so without any structural government subsidy. Now, after a year of lengthy lockdowns without visitors, the time has come when we need to ask for your help. The help of everyone who loves the Hermitage, who can make a donation, however big or small.

Your gift could not mean more. With your donation you will guarantee the future of this museum which is unique in both the Netherlands and Europe, so that its high-profile exhibitions, concerts and the inclusive art education programme Hermitage for Children can also be there for future generations.

Your gift
We call upon all those who have a special place for the Hermitage in their heart and who can give a donation, be it large or small. A gift is tax deductible under the Dutch law on charitable giving (Geefwet). For international donations, tax deduction possibilities are in place soon. People who are able to donate € 2,500 or more will have their names commemorated in a beautiful artwork that will receive a place in the museum.

Tax benefits
Under the law on charitable giving, your gift counts for 125% for tax deduction purposes. This means example that for a multiannual donation of € 2,500 the net cost will be approximately € 1,000 (depending on your income). Click here (in Dutch) for more legal information about charitable giving.

Many are committed to supporting this campaign, like former Hermitage Amsterdam director Cathelijne Broers, director Hermitage St Petersburg Michail Piotrovsky and Founder  Ernst Veen as honorary ambassadors. Our ambassadors are Martijn Akkerman, Peter-Paul Blommers, Thera Coppens, Tjade Dieker, Tommy Driessen, Santiago Eder, Jip Heijmerink, Loek Hermans, Timo Hughes, John Leerdam, Cornald Maas, Nieke Martens, Ineke Middag, Maarten den Ottolander, Herbert Seevinck, Berry Slok, Doede Vierstra, Eva Wassink, Foeke Zijlstra.   

Further information
If you would like more information, you can:

  • Fill in this form (in Dutch) and send it to us. We will get in touch with you about the possibilities.
  • Or call us on 020-5308758.

On behalf of all our employees, volunteers, teachers, students in our art education, and all future visitors:


Director Annabelle Birnie and Deputy Director Paul Mosterd, Hermitage Amsterdam

On 26 and 27 november, the café-restauarant is closed for a congress.

In the pop-up café in the church hall you can enjoy coffee, tea, etc.