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Donations and bequests

Donations and bequests

All donations, however big or small, are welcome! The Hermitage Amsterdam is a private cultural institution and does not receive subsidies from national or local government. Therefore, every donation helps. Your donation or bequest will make a vital contribution to the Hermitage Amsterdam which we can use to fund projects including our art education programme, the Hermitage for Children, in which over two-thirds of all primary schools in Amsterdam take part. This programme aims to help children collaborate more effectively, learn solution-oriented thinking, and develop their creative abilities. For more information, visit www.hermitagevoorkinderen.nl

Your donation might also go towards one of our many other activities. You can also reap the tax benefits of making a donation and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Making a donation

You can make a periodic or one-off cash donation to the Hermitage.

  • A periodic donation is a fixed annual amount which you donate for a minimum period of five years. This is fully deductible for income tax purposes and there is no threshold. You can elect to record the donation via a civil-law notary or by way of an agreement with the Hermitage Amsterdam, in which case you must register the donation using the form provided by the Dutch tax authorities.
  • A standard or one-off donation is only deductible for income tax purposes if the total amount of donations made by you exceeds 1% of your total income, with a minimum donation of €60. The maximum deductible amount is 10% of your total income. This donation is also deductible for general tax purposes. You can transfer your donation to account NL85 ABNA 0849302900 in the name of Stichting Hermitage aan de Amstel in Amsterdam.

All periodic gifts and donations can be transferred to:

  • ABN AMRO account NL85 ABNA 0849302900 in the name of Stichting Hermitage aan de Amstel in Amsterdam.
  • Our Chamber of Commerce registration number is 33303622.
  • If your donation is recorded in a periodic agreement/deed, you will need the Hermitage Amsterdam’s RSIN (Information Number for Legal Entities and Partnerships, previously known as the tax number). This number is: 8077.03.254.

The Hermitage is also registered as a Dutch Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). This means that as a charity, the museum is exempt from paying tax on donations and bequests. In other words, the charity will benefit from the full amount of your donation.


You can also make a bequest to the Hermitage Amsterdam in your will, which means that a portion of your inheritance will be donated to the Hermitage Amsterdam. Alternatively, you can bequest a specific amount to the Hermitage Amsterdam.

Public benefit organisation

The Hermitage Amsterdam is a Dutch Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). That means that as a private individual, there are several ways for you to deduct your donations to us from your income tax. The Hermitage Amsterdam is not required to pay inheritance tax on donations or bequests. In addition, the museum is a designated cultural institution, which means that donations entail additional tax benefits pursuant to the Dutch Charitable Donations Act.

If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss a particular topic with us, please contact Martine Willemsen by calling +31 (0)20 530 87 55during office hours or by sending an e-mail to m.willemsen@hermitage.nl. All your questions will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Photo Evert Elzinga
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