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Your donation really makes a difference!

Your donation really makes a difference!

Perhaps you already knew it, but our museum does not receive any government funding. The Hermitage Amsterdam generates 100% of its income by itself. Consequently it is largely dependent of ticket sales. When the museum has to stay closed for a long time, as was the case from 16 March to 31 May, it suffers an enormous blow. In addition, our organisation has built a name as cultural entrepreneur and the government therefore does not seem to feel the need to provide any compensation for the losses.

So we depend on you! Will you donate to us? All gifts, be they big or small, are more than welcome! It is easily done, for example by using the tikkie app. But there are quite a few other paying methods; read more about them below. And did you know that there are many tax deductions for gifts?

Together with you we are confident our future will be good. You gift means a lot to us. And we hope to see you soon at the Hermitage!

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Tax deductions for gifts
It is now also fiscally advantageous to donate just once. The Hermitage Amsterdam is a so-called Cultural ANBI. This means that you can fiscally deduce your gift; in fact you can deduce it 1.25 times. For instance, if you donate € 100 to the Hermitage Amsterdam, you can get a tax deduction of € 125.

All gifts can be paid at: NL85 ABNA 0849302900, Stichting Hermitage aan de Amstel, Amsterdam. 

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