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Current Hermitage exhibitions: press information and images

Hermitage Amsterdam is the art exhibition center in a magnificent 17th century, UNESCO area landmark. Now on: 4 exhibitions, Tsars and knights; Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century; Willem van Genk: WOEST; Panorama Amsterdam

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Tsars and Knights - The Romanovs' Love Affair with the Middle Ages

Through more than 250 objects from the European medieval art collection and the Arsenal of the State Hermitage in St Petersburg, the exhibition tells tales of tsars and knights. They bring the Middle Ages – and its nineteenth-century revival in Europe and at the Russian court – to life, with knights and ladies, courtly love and tournaments. The impressive design is simultaneously heroic and romantic. The highlight is a spectacular hall of knights with a tournament setting in which mounted knights are engaged in a joust. On view from 19 November until the summer of 2021. 

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Press release
Click here to view the press release: Hermitage Amsterdam presents a brand new exhibition about knights and the Romanovs 

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Images from Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century

Thirty colossal, 17th century group portraits from the Amsterdam Museum and the Rijksmuseum collections have been brought together for the first time ever in the Hermitage Amsterdam. These are the ‘brothers and sisters’ of the famous ‘Night Watch’ by Rembrandt van Rijn. 

Press releases and images for Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century

Images for the Outsider Art Museum

The Outsider Art Museum is the only museum in the Netherlands that shows leading art works by national and international Outsider Artists. Experience the extraordinary art made by individuals who, for the most part, are not formally trained as artists. 

Press releases and images for Outsider Art Museum.

Images for Panorama Amsterdam

In 2018 Panorama Amsterdam, City Time Lapse was opened at Hermitage Amsterdam. Featuring animations, historical images, films and images of paintings, this multimedia panorama offers visitors the chance to experience Amsterdam’s history. 

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Photo Ilja Huner

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