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16 September 2023
— 20 May 2024
Julius Caesar
I came, I saw, I met my doom
Our first ever exhibition as H’ART Museum is of Caesar’s life and times, titled ‘I came, I saw, I met my doom.’ Experience Caesar through a collection of almost 150 historical objects—all telling one of the most exciting stories in world history. Walk through his famous rise from ordinary Roman to lauded general, all the way to his infamous downfall and murder. Explore his alliance (and affair) with Cleopatra as well as their legacy. He created cultural waves felt from Shakespeare to modern-day films. As you journey through these artefacts, untangle the myths to bring you closer to the reality of Julius Caesar’s victory and rule, his highpoints, and dark sides. We want you to ultimately decide for yourself, in today’s world, who he is to you. Exhibition runs from Saturday 16 September 2023 until Monday 20 May 2024.
Amsterdam Museum in H'ART Museum

Amsterdam Museum in H'ART Museum

The Amsterdam Museum has taken residence at H'ART Museum since 9 March 2022. During a large-scale renovation of the monumental Burgerweeshuis (Civil Orphanage), the Amsterdam Museum will find its temporary home here. This includes a completely new range of exhibitions, public programs and children's activities.

Amsterdam Museum wing
From March 2022 until 2025, the Amsterdam Museum will present an entirely new collection in H'ART Museum Museum Wing, which will not only present the traditional history of Amsterdam, but also offer plenty of space for opposing views and lesser-known and more recent histories of the city. In addition, alternating exhibitions will feature the city's residents and enthusiasts who will be able to show 'their Amsterdam'. The annex of the Amsterdam Museum in H'ART Museum will show visitors, with familiar objects from the collection and new or less familiar works, that there is no single history of the city. 

Panorama Amsterdam: a living history of the city
Panorama Amsterdam reveals the many facets of the city. What are the foremost characteristics that define Amsterdam? And has it always been that way? How will the city continue to develop? By connecting stories from the past, present, and future, a broader perspective of the city emerges: Amsterdam, in all its dimensions.

Over 250 objects are displayed here, giving the visitor a multifaceted picture of the many histories of the city of Amsterdam: classic icons from the city's collection by Lingelbach and Rembrandt, but also emerging artists such as Raquel Haver, Natasja Kensmil and Brian Elstak.

There is also room for smaller exhibitions that tell the stories of the city today. From Continue This Thread to The Maasdamme Collection and Collecting the City, which change every six months and make room for new narrators and new stories from the city of Amsterdam. 

The Amsterdam Museum is also hosting an extensive education and public program in its temporary home at H'ART Museum.

Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art
Intriguing, unpolished art by people with extraordinary backgrounds.
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Outsider Art Gallery: Wearable Stories by Raven
Changing exhibitions by outsider artists. You can borrow works of art from the Artothek.
Mounira Al Solh
Mounira Al Solh
ABN AMRO Art Prize winner Mounira Al Solh shows new installation


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