17 May
— 26 June
Dutch Heritage Amsterdam
Series of focus exhibitions with Dutch favorites
The well-known museum alongside the Amstel river presents a new four-part series of focus exhibitions in which one masterpiece from a leading Dutch collection is highlighted. Welcome to the second edition of Dutch Heritage Amsterdam. The Yellow House (The Street) by Vincent van Gogh, from the famous Van Gogh collection, can be seen from Tuesday 17 May to Sunday 26 June 2022. The Yellow House (The Street) is one of the public favorites from the Van Gogh Museum and is displayed in a special way. The highlight is of course the masterpiece itself, but there is more to see and discover.
Amsterdam Museum in the Hermitage
On view from 17 May
Exhibition of the tenth ABN AMRO Art Award winner Neo Matloga
Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art
Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art: Intriguing, unpolished art by people with extraordinary backgrounds.

Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art

'Democracy has a bad taste'
- Grayson Perry

In the new exhibition at Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art, renowned fashion designer Duran Lantink is inspired by American artist Andy Warhol. ‘Democracy’ features work by contributors including Bea Otte, Theater Lebelle and Victor Crepsley. The vision of Jan Hoek’s Outsiderwear thrives during this exhibition, which sees talented outsiders and insiders join forces. In the world created by Lantink, artists and visitors unite by both contributing to the exhibition.

A creative interpretation of Warhol’s studio provides the decor for the exhibition. To these fantastical surroundings in 1960s New York, Warhol welcomed both superstars and eccentric outsiders. By surrounding himself with stars and influential figures, his popularity grew. Lantink also puts his fame to good use, bringing fresh life and new superstars to ‘The Factory’, as Warhol’s studio was known.

Enter the creative breeding ground with a swing in your step, welcomed by LeBelle dancers dressed in Lantink costumes on two large screens. The interactive installation featuring the LeBelle dance group is an absolute highlight of the exhibition – Lantink worked with them on the ‘Stardom film’. Another striking work is the ‘hoarder installation’. After Andy Warhol’s death in 1987, it became apparent that he had a tendency to hoard: he obsessively accumulated ‘collectibles’. Hoarders can also be organised collectors, as this art installation – wrapped in aluminium foil – reveals.

Outsider Art Gallery


The Hermitage Amsterdam is open again!

Now on view: The Yellow House by Vincent van Gogh