Antonio Canova, The Three Graces, 1812–16 (detail) © Aurelio Amendola / State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg


16 June
— 13 January 2019
Classic Beauties
Artists, Italy, and the Esthetic Ideals of the 18th century
All over mid-eighteenth century Europe, people watched with bated breath as excavations in Italy uncovered artistic treasures of stupefying beauty. It inspired artists to rediscover classic physical beauty and perfect its depiction. They also sparked a craze for travel among young aristocrats across the continent. Many undertook the Grand Tour: a pilgrimage to Italy, and in particular Rome, lasting many months. Among them were Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the ‘Count and Countess of the North’ (the later Russian Tsar Paul I and his wife Maria Fyodorovna). Arriving in the Eternal City, Grand Tourists encountered renowned artists: Pompeo Batoni, Anton Raphael Mengs, Angelika Kauffmann and – most famous of all – Antonio Canova.
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Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age
Look at us! Dutch society in 30 group portraits
Kaarina Staudinger-Loppukaarre - Animals and humans
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Outsider Art Museum
Intriguing, unpolished art by people with extraordinary backgrounds

Outsider Art Museum

The Outsider Art Museum is the only museum in the Netherlands that shows leading art works by national and international Outsider Artists. Experience the extraordinary art made by individuals who, for the most part, are not formally trained as artists. Their work is authentic, unconventional and goes against the grain.

The Outsider Art Museum presents surprising, unpolished art. The public steps into a completely new world and is brought into the wild rollercoaster of Outsider Artists, who sometimes go about their work almost manically. The inner world of these artists is often so full that it overflows into a great oeuvre. In the Outsider Art Museum, visitors learn to look at art in a different way.

Outsider Art Museum exhibits art from the backwoods of Finland

14 June 2018 - 13 January 2019 

The Outsider Art Museum presents ‘ITE Art | Finnish collection Ammann’. This unique exhibition displays the private collection of Max Ammann, a leading collector of Outsider Art. It is the first time the collection is shown in the Netherlands. ITE stands for Itse Tehty Elämä, ‘self-made life’ in Finnish. Keeping off the beaten track, and using materials from the Finnish forests, the ITE artists speak their own mysterious language.

ITE Art | Finse collectie Ammann - Outsider Art Museum

With this exhibition the Outsider Art Museum takes visitors into the world of artists who live solitary lives in the backwoods of Finland. Typical features of their work include fantasy, curiosity, creativity, places of interest and visions. Visitors can get to know the talented world of Finnish Outsider Art: artists outside the established artistic order, whose work is seldom on public display.

 The exhibition ‘ITE Art | Finnish collection Ammann’ is shown at the Outsider Art Museum from June 14th 2018 until January 13th 2019.

Outsider Art Gallery
Photo Ilja Huner
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Panorama Amsterdam


Lorenzo Lotto, Madonna and Child with Angels (Madonna delle grazie), 1542. Oil on panel © State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
Masterpieces from the Hermitage. 2 February – 25 August 2019

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