National Portrait Gallery, London
17 September
— 8 January 2023
Love Stories – Art, passion & tragedy
More than 100 portraits from the National Portrait Gallery, London
This exhibition is an ode to love in all its forms. From romantic love to the obsession artists have with their muses, from love tragedies to love that triumphs against all odds. Over 100 portraits tell the stories of the world’s most beautiful and high-profile love stories. Together, they paint a moving picture of how love and desire have influenced portraiture over the centuries; from 16th-century paintings to contemporary photography. Come face-to-face with famous romantic couples like Oscar Wilde & Lord Alfred Douglas and John Lennon & Yoko Ono, and meet famous artists like Anthony van Dyck, Lee Miller, Ferdinand Bol and David Hockney.
Amsterdam Museum in the Hermitage
On view from 17 May
Exhibition of Neo Matloga
The 10th ABN AMRO Art Award winner
Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art
Intriguing, unpolished art by people with extraordinary backgrounds.

31553580 (obsessie/obsession): numbers and schedules

22 September 2022 - 27 August 2023

When the world becomes chaotic and intangible, like during a pandemic, many of us attempt to get a handle on reality by reducing it to a series of elementary lines and numbers. The exhibition 31553580 (obsessie/obsession): numbers and schedules explores a craving for structure and logic in our chaotic world. Artworks by Doerte Weber, Eiko Ishizawa, George Widener and Lionel Plak offer solace for the soul, something that connects us all.

The new exhibition at Museum van de Geest | Outsider Art is the result of the first ever collaboration between artist Jan Hoek and curator Hanne Hagenaars. Visitors are actively involved and in the run-up to the exhibition, they are invited to submit their most remarkable lists and schedules. The submissions will be presented at the museum during the exhibition. 31553580 is designed in collaboration with exhibition designer Tariq Heijboer.

One huge schedule 

The exhibition is a structured entity allowing visitors to escape from the chaotic world outside. Step into an enormous schedule, where the works are exhibited in a large, orderly grid pattern. The gallery texts - handwritten by the curators - connect the artworks logically.

Guest curators Hanne Hagenaars and Jan Hoek

A joint fascination for numbers and schedules previously inspired Hanne Hagenaars and Jan Hoek, mother and son, to produce a themed edition for art magazine Mister Motley. Many artists (especially outsider artists) use the strategies of bringing order, devising systems and categorisation in their work. Even without the additional stress of a pandemic, for many people, the world is so overwhelming that it needs to be stripped back to order and abstraction. This has resulted in numerous oeuvres with a flood of unstoppable and ever-growing schedules. Regular artists also produce the most incredible schedules. To some extent, all of us are inclined to capture chaos in schedules. From artists to managers with a fear of failure, to family men undergoing a midlife crisis. With the exhibition 31553580 (obsessie/obsession): numbers and schedules, the guest curators merge the partitioned worlds of ‘insider’, ‘outsider’ and everyone else.

Participating artists

31553580 (obsessie/obsession): numbers and schedules features work by artists including: Alex Naber, Angel Lartigue, Annesas Appel, Ardian Ramadanovic, De Gasten, Daphne Agten, Doerte Weber, Eiko Ishizawa, Elisa Pinto, Emma Wiersma, Esther Pearl Watson, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, George Korsmit & Saskia Janssen, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, George Widener, Georgina Starr, Gijs Assmann, Jan Hoek, Job Koelewijn, Kenny Callens, Kiki Smith, Lien Anckaert, Laura Body, Lionel Plak, Lizzie van Itallie, Lubos Plny, Marit Westerhuis, Melvin Way, Michiel de Jaeger, Pieke Werner, Renske de Greef, Rainbow Soulclub (Mimosa Govert Visser en AMP (Parry Person), Ruben Armando (La pureza del Arte), Ruth van Beek, Shane Drinkwater, Simon Evans, Tobias Tebbe, Toon Teeken & Océane Teeken and Zdenek Kosek.

Museum of the Mind 

The Museum of the Mind is fascinated by the work of art inside your head. Because nothing is as diverse, unique, powerful and yet so fragile as the human mind. Through its art and cultural programmes, the museum helps to bring mental health and neurodiversity into the open.  

Museum van de Geest | Outsider Art in Amsterdam is the only museum in the Netherlands with a large (international) Outsider Art collection. This is art produced by those who are art world – and often social – outsiders. Through their work, they show their inner world without being concerned by the opinions of the outside world.

The museum also has a historical location in Haarlem, Museum of the Mind | Dolhuys, which explores the power and fragility of the human mind.  Our museums provide a platform for those in society who were previously unrepresented in the cultural landscape. Museum of the Mind recently won the European Museum of the Year Award 2022. The European Museum Forum presents this annual award to a museum that contributes to a better understanding of the world, using innovative approaches and pushing back museum standards.

Outsider Art Gallery


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