Gerard Dou, Leiden Bather. 1660–65. © State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg


Rembrandt, Young Woman with Earrings, 1656 © State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
7 October 2017
— 27 May 2018
Dutch Masters from the Hermitage. Treasures of the Tsars
Treasures of the Tsars
For the first time in its existence, the Hermitage Amsterdam is mounting a show of Dutch masters from the renowned St Petersburg collection. The Nieuwe Keizersgracht wing will showcase one of the greatest treasures of the State Hermitage: the world’s leading collection of Dutch Golden Age painting outside the Netherlands. No fewer than 63 works by 50 different artists are being brought to Amsterdam for a unique exhibition that will celebrate the paintings first (brief) ‘home-coming’ in 250 years.
Now on display
Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age
Look at us! Dutch society in 30 group portraits
Now on display
Outsider Art Museum
Intriguing, unpolished art by people with extraordinary backgrounds
Now on display
Outsider Art Gallery

Outsider Art Gallery

In the Outsider Art Gallery changing exhibitions of well-known and less known outsiders from the Netherlands and abroad take place. You will find paintings, drawings, prints, ceramic statues, sculpture, collages, photos and textile art. All works are for sale, the entrance to the gallery is free.
The Outsider Art Gallery is founded in 2016 by Cordaan care organisation in cooperation with the Hermitage Museum Amsterdam and Museum het Dolhuys Haarlem.

The art in the Outsider Art Gallery is often unconventional. Most the artists have an intellectual or mental disability. They are not concerned with commercial targets and their works do not reflect current trends in art. The art comes bubbling up from within – it is in their minds and just needs to come out. Their work is fascinating, versatile and very pure. The Outsider Art Gallery offers a fully-fledged art platform for these colourful artists, not inside the walls of a care organisation, but rather in an inspiring museum environment.

Outsider Art Studios

Currently a group of 15 artists is at work in the Outsider Art Studios, located above the gallery. They are accompanied by professional artists and pedagogical employees and work on their own art: painting, drawing, print making and digital media. In the studios companies or groups of individuals can also attend art workshops led by an outsider artist.

Outsider Art Lease

The Outsider Art Lease Programme allows you to borrow outsider art works. For more information about workshops, guided tours and/or art lease please look at: www.outsiderartgalerie.nl. Entrance is free.

Please like our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/outsiderartgalerie/

Building together

18 January 2018 – 15 April 2018

In the exhibition artists from diverse backgrounds work together on the theme ‘building’. Some of the artists know each other because they work together in supported studios. Other artists will meet for the first time. During the period of the exhibition they will make, place and change art works in the gallery space. This will result in a joint installation with ceramic objects, mural, drawings, sounds and other art works.
Students of the Hermitage Academy will also take part in this exhibition.

Participating artists
Marcello Stokhof, Sem Prumper, Viresh Paltie, Rita Klaasen, Brigitta Broeder, Melike Aliyazicioglu, Nico Vos, Rietje de Gooijer, Romano Lugthart, Ingrid Proost, Furkan Avsar, Sadya Keyzer, Mylene Rodrigues Nunes, Desmond Tjon-A-Koi, Raymond Bruining, Inge Berkhout, Micha Stanojevic, Mathbula Baklaci, Dounia Karimi, Lisanne Meijer, Bo Verlinden, Sijtse Keur, Norbert de Jong, Esrah van Rooij, Regillio Benjamin, Jescika van Overveld, Harmen Warries, Rudy de Gruyl, Guus Schots, Tim ter Wal and students Hermitage Academy.

Photo Ilja Huner
Now on display
Panorama Amsterdam
Gert Jan van Rooij
Now on display
ABN AMRO Art Award 2018


Antonio Canova, The Three Graces, 1812–16 (detail) © Aurelio Amendola / State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
From 16 June '18
Classic Beauties
A grand tour along the finest examples of neoclassical art from the Hermitage

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