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Frequently asked questions


Is the Hermitage open, do I need a coronavirus entry pass?
The Hermitage Amsterdam is open from Wednesday to Sunday. From Saturday 6 November, showing a coronavirus entry pass is mandatory by the Dutch government. You don't have to wear a facemask during your visit. We cannot grant you access without a coronavirus entry pass + identification document.

The exhibitions are accessible with an e-ticket for a specific date and time period. A limited number of tickets are available at the ticket desk. We recommend that you buy an e-ticket in advance on our website, due to the limited capacity, a time slot may be sold out. With an e-ticket you are assured of a place. By working with time slots, we can ensure that everyone can visit the exhibition safely, peacefully and pleasantly.

Can I still buy tickets at the ticket desk?
Yes, a limited number of tickets are for sale at the box office. However, we advise you to buy an e-ticket on our website. This way you are assured of a place. Due to the limited capacity, certain timeslots may be sold out.

Can I pay in cash?
No, it is not possible to pay with cash in the museum. At the Museum shop, cash register and restaurant you can only pay by pin.

What do I need to take into consideration when visiting the Hermitage Amsterdam? 
Throughout the building, extensive corona measures have been implemented so that visitors can have a safe and relaxed, one on one experience with the art works. The one way viewing route allow visitors to maintain an optimal distance of 1.5 m from one another. Furthermore, the audio tour is available via a special app and there are numerous pillars where disinfectants are available.

Can I use the audio tour?
Yes, the audio tour is included in a ticket. Via this link you can listen to the audio tour on your smartphone/tablet. Bring your own head set or ear phones. 

If you have no smartphone, then ask one of our staff members for assistance in the exhibition. A limited number of audio tour units is available on request. The units are disinfected after each use.

Is there a cloakroom to leave my coat?
You can use the self-service lockers to store your belongings. You will have to clean the lockers yourself after use; disinfectants are available.

Can I use the toilets? 
Yes, there are toilets available, although measures have been taken to organise the logistics. There is therefore a maximum amount of people permitted per toilet group. Toilets for the less-abled are available. These can be found on the ground floor and first floor. 

How do I get to the Hermitage Amsterdam?
There are two large parking garages within walking distance of the Hermitage Amsterdam, under the National Opera & Ballet and at Valkenburgerstraat. There is ample bicycle parking space in the immediate surrounding of the museum, on the bank of the Amstel and near the Nieuwe Keizersgracht entrance. Traveling by public transport is strongly discouraged.

How do I contact you?
Is your question not listed here? Please contact our reception via or call +31 (0)20 530 87 55.

Am I allowed to take pictures inside the museum?
Yes, it's allowed to take pictures in the museum but without flash. Do you need a picture for professional use, please email

Can I bring my dog? 
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed inside the museum with the exception of registered service dogs.

Are there facilities for the less-abled? 
Yes, the museum is accessible to the less-abled. Every hall and elevator, as well as any other type of facility, is fully accessible to wheelchairs. The museum also has three easily accessible bathrooms. You may also reserve a wheelchair and/or less-abled parking spot through Go on here for more information.

I lost something at the museum! Where can I find help?
For this and other issues, you may call +31 (0)20 530 87 55 during hours of operation.


Is it necessary to buy tickets online before visiting?
The exhibitions are accessible with an e-ticket for a specific date and time period. A limited number of tickets are available at the ticket desk. We recommend that you buy an e-ticket in advance on our website, due to the limited capacity, a time slot may be sold out. With an e-ticket, you are assured of a place. Working with time slots can ensure that everyone can visit the exhibition safely, peacefully, and pleasantly.

Is it possible to move my e-ticket(s) to a different date or time?
Yes, that is possible. Please contact Enclose your e-ticket and the new date + time for your visit. Have you created an account in the ticket shop? Then you can move your tickets yourself here.

There is a time slot mentioned on my e-ticket. What does ‘entry between’ mean?
This means that you can enter the exhibition between the two times given. Unfortunately, access cannot be guaranteed if you arrive later or earlier than the selected time slot.

Have you ordered a ticket but not received an email?
First, check your spam box or junk mail. If the mail is not there either, please contact We are happy to assist you.

Have you ordered a ticket and received an email, but without an attachment?
Please contact us at Are you visiting the museum on the same day as you ordered the ticket? Then you are allowed to get to the entrance desk. The staff at the desk is happy to assist you. You must however be able to show the email.

Is it necessary to print the e-ticket(s)?
No, it is not. E-tickets can also be scanned from your smartphone.

Can e-tickets be returned?
No, unfortunately, we cannot return tickets ordered online.

Have you got other questions about your e-ticket?
Is your question not listed? Please contact our reception at


Is there a permanent collection at the Hermitage Amsterdam?
While the Hermitage Amsterdam offers a variety of beautiful temporary exhibitions, we do not possess a permanent art collection. Instead we organize exhibitions selected from the collections of the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. These exhibitions can be viewed in the Hermitage Wing of the building (built in 1683). On the opposite side of the building, the Amsterdam Wing offers exhibitions of art selected from the Museum of the Mind | Dolhuys (Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art), and the Amsterdam Museum in tandem with the Rijksmuseum (the Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century). The Amsterdam Wing also features an impressive church hall, several historically reconstructed rooms, and the audio-visual presentation Panorama Amsterdam.

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On 26 and 27 november, the café-restauarant is closed for a congress.

In the pop-up café in the church hall you can enjoy coffee, tea, etc.