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Frequently asked questions


What are the hours of operation of the museum?
De exhibitions in the Hermitage Amsterdam are open daily from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. On December 26 and January 1, exhibitions are opened from 12 P.M. to 5 P.M. The Hermitage is closed on April 2 and December 26.

What are the hours of operation of the Museum Shop and the Cafe Restaurant?
The Museum Shop and the Café Restaurant are open from 10:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

How long are the waiting times typically?
On weekdays the waiting time is minimal to non-existent. During the weekend and on holidays the wait time may be minimal. If you wish to ensure direct access to the museum exhibitions, you may order your tickets online. With an all-in or combination ticket, you may skip the queue should there be one.

Does the museum have a priority lane?
Any person with an all-in ticket, combination ticket, or Friends’ Membership Card may enter the exhibitions directly through the electronic gates after they have scanned their ticket. If you purchased an e-ticket with your Museum Card or any other card, you must scan your ticket at the booth.

Have you purchased an e-ticket with a Museum Card, a City Card, or a CJP?
E-tickets purchased online ensure access to the exhibitions at the time of day you selected. Upon entering, do not forget to scan your ticket at the booth in order for our administration to process your purchase.

If I have a Museum Card, do I still have to go to the booth?
Yes, you have to scan your Museum Card at the booth if you purchased an e-ticket for the Museum Card online. This is because the Hermitage Amsterdam can only receive its compensation for the Museum Association if your Museum Card is scanned by one of our employees. Thank you for understanding.

Why do I have to pay for a surcharge with my Museum Card?
The Hermitage Amsterdam is a non-subsidized institution. Our exhibitions are financed by ticket sales and donations from our sponsors. Because we receive only a small amount of compensation from the Museums Association, we request a small surcharge from Museum Card users. Thank you for your understanding; we are very pleased with your visit!

Can I purchase a Museum Card at the museum?
Yes, you can purchase a Museum Card at the booth. You may use the Museum Card immediately to enter the museum if you like. However, pay close attention as the Museum Card has recently changed its user terms and conditions. Do you not live in the Netherlands? Then you can register your temporary Museum Card online (within the EU), after which you will receive your definitive Museum Card. There are additional costs involved. For more information on the Museum Card terms and conditions, please visit Also keep in mind the booth closes half an hour before closing time.

Is it possible to purchase tickets in advance or make a reservation?
Yes, you can purchase your tickets in advance on our website. The tickets are tied to a specific date and time of day. With an all-in e-ticket or combination ticket, you do not need to go to the booth to have your ticket scanned.

Is it necessary to print e-tickets?
No, it is not necessary. E-tickets can also be scanned from your smartphone or tablet.

Wat is the purchase price for children?
Children up to 11 years old may enter the museum free of charge. However, you do have to get them a ticket at the booth, and you may be asked to show a valid form of identification. E-tickets for children cannot be purchased online.

Besides coat check, does the museum also have lockers?
Besides our free coat check service, the museum also offers lockers. Keep in mind that large backpacks and umbrellas cannot be taken into the exhibitions as they may damage the art.

Am I allowed to take pictures inside the museum?
Yes, you are allowed to take pictures under the conditions that (a) you do not use flash and (b) the pictures are for personal use only. Should you need a picture for professional use, please email

Can I bring my dog?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed inside the museum with the exception of registered service dogs.

Are there facilities for the less-abled?
Yes, the museum is accessible to the less-abled. Every hall and elevator, as well as any other type of facility, is fully accessible to wheelchairs. The museum also has three easily accessible bathrooms. You may also reserve a wheelchair and/or less-abled parking spot through Go on here for more information.

Does the museum offer special activities?
Yes, the museum offers a diverse and entertaining program for all kinds of people, such as (family) tours, courses and workshops for children, weekly readings, concerts and many other kinds of activities. Keep an eye on our agenda, or subscribe to our newsletter to be kept in the loop.

What is there to do for children in the museum?
A lot! For families, children, and everyone who is feeling creative, there are studios and workshops. There is also a scavenger hunt for children and a Fresh Eyes Route: an audio-visual tour through the exhibitions accompanied by the responses children had towards the art. Keep in mind that some of these activities are offered in Dutch language only. Check out our program here.

Do I have to pay extra in order to participate in the activities?
No, all the readings, concerts and other activities are accessible free of charge with the purchase of a valid admissions ticket with the exception of family studios.

I lost something at the museum! Where can I find help?
For this and other issues, you may call +31 (0)20 530 87 55 during hours of operation.


Is there a permanent collection at the Hermitage Amsterdam?
While the Hermitage Amsterdam offers a variety of beautiful temporary exhibitions, we do not possess a permanent art collection. Instead we organize exhibitions selected from the collections of the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. These exhibitions can be viewed in the Hermitage Wing of the building (built in 1683). On the opposite side of the building, the Amsterdam Wing offers exhibitions of art selected from the Dolhuys museum (the Outsider Art Museum) and the Amsterdam Museum in tandem with the Rijksmuseum (the Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century). The Amsterdam Wing also features an impressive church hall, several historically reconstructed rooms, and the audio-visual presentation Panorama Amsterdam.

Are there audio tours?
Yes, you are able to receive and a complimentary audio tour for the Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century and Jewels! exhibitions free of charge. The audio tour forms an integral part of both exhibitions. You may pick up an audio tour at the start of each exhibition, and turn in your audio tour at one of several places in and around the entrance hall. 

Plantage Amsterdam

Now on view: Jewels!

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